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descriptions of some of our projects.
text assemblage and rmx
a library is place to be
  Bad Subjects: Bad Subjects. Political Education for Everyday Life. February 2002 / Issue# 59 (.pdf, offline, Doug Henwood, interview; Charlie Bertsch, introduction: "I am a fighting atheist": Interview with Slavoj Zizek)
Luther Blissett Project: Introduction to Enemies of the State. Criminals, "Monsters" and Special Legislation in the Society of Control (.pdf)
Luther Blissett: PREFACE TO "LASCIATE CHE I BIMBI. PEDOFILIA: PRETESTO PER LA CACCIA ALLE STREGHE" [Let The Children... Pedophilia as a Pretext for a Witch Hunt] (.doc)
Natalie Bookchin: Postmodern Cybercultures (.rtf, from nettime)
Critical Art Ensemble: Digital Resistance (.pdf, offline)
Critical Art Ensemble: Electronic Civil Disobedience (.pdf, offline)
Critical Art Ensemble: Flesh Machine (.pdf, offline)
Critical Art Ensemble: The Electronic Disturbance (.pdf, offline)
Eda Cufer & Irwin: NSK STATE IN TIME (.rtf)
Anthony Davies and Simon Ford: Culture Clubs (.doc)
Guy Debord: Society of the Spectacle (.pdf, offline)
Guy Debord: The Situationists and the New Forms of Action in Politics and Art (.doc)
Dr. Future: Artists as Workers and Technology as Artists. Critical Artists Devolve to Political Technologies (.pdf, from Variant)
Brigit Fowler: Pierre Bourdieu's sociological theory of culture (.doc, from Variant)
Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri: Empire (.pdf, offline)
Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri: Globalization and Democracy (.rtf, Documenta 11, Vienna 2001)
Henriette Heise & Jakob Jakobsen: All power to the Copenhagen Free University (.doc)
Eugene Holland: From Schizophrenia to Social Control (.doc)
Stuart Home: The Palingenesis of the avant-garde (.doc, from Variant)
Irwin: Interview mit Anne Tronche (.rtf, from Opus International, 1988)
Fredric Jameson
: Postmodernism and Consumer Society (.rtf)
k0: k0 ist eine maschine (.rtf)
K3000: k-bulletin nr.3 <kollektive / arbeit> (.pdf, offline)
Siegfried Kaltenecker: Nach dem Ende. Chantal Mouffe, Ernesto Laclau und das postmarxistische Denken (.doc)
Grant Kester: Dialogical Aesthetics: Critical Framework For Littoral Art (.pdf, from Variant)
Oliver Marchart: NEUE SLOWENISCHE STAATSKUNST. Über Subversion, Identität und pluralistischen Totalitarismus (.doc)
Jim Martin: Wilhelm Reich: A Brief Biographical Sketch (.pdf, offline)
Dorothy Matrix: HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS (.doc)
Donal McGraith: Anti-Copyright and Cassette Culture (.doc)
Multitude: Negri interview - Ruptures Within Empire, The Pow (from Multitudes) (.doc, from nettime)
New Collectivism: PURIFICATION AND REJUVENATION* (.doc, interview)
Ann Vance: Art Activism and Oppositionality. Essays From Afterimage (.doc, from Variant)
Sabine Reul and Thomas Deichmann: Zizek Interview: 'The one measure of true love is: you can insult the other' (.doc)
Howard Slater: Divided We Stand - An Outline of Scandinavian Situationism (.doc)
Howard Slater: Occasional Documents: Towards Situation (.doc, from Variant)
Howard Slater: THE ART OF GOVERNANCE - on The Artist Placement Group 1966-1989 (.doc)
Howard Slater: THE ASS BETWEEN TWO CHAIRS. A Communique to the Copenhagen Free University (.doc)
Howard Slater: The Spoiled Ideals of Lost Situations - Some Notes on Political Conceptual Art (.doc)
Howard Slater & Jakob Jakobsen: To Transfigure. To Organise. (.doc)
George Soros: The Capitalist Threat (.doc)
Variant: Variant. cross-currents in culture. number 14 • winter 2001 (.pdf, offline)
Jean-Pierre Voyer: Reich: How to use (.pdf)
Stephen Willats: Art,Ethnography and Social Change (.pdf, from Variant)
Christina von Braun: Ceci nŽest pas une femme (.pdf)
Wu Ming: wu ming (.txt)
YLEM Newsletter: NEWSLETTER number 12 volume 20 Nov./Dec, 2000. Artists Using Science and Technology. Contemporary Collaboratives (pdf, offline, Critical Art Ensemble: Size Matters: Collective Constructions)
Tasos Zembylas: The Formation of the Concept of Art (.doc)