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descriptions of some of our projects.
text assemblage and rmx
a library is a place to be


Interviews with different groups and indivuduals about collectivity, authorship, &c.

limes: bioborder/park/spektakel

an ethnogragraphic video essay on the border area between Hungary and Austria.

beta sp / dv, 23' (german)

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during a four week's journey along the eastern borders of Schengenland, starting at the g8 summit in genoa and going from the mediterrean to the baltic sea, we collected field-recordings and interviews at the Schengen border. results are an one hour radioshow on the ö1 kunstradio program in 9/01 and an audiofilm ("The Voice") screened at the diagonale 2002

realaudio (60 min., offline at the moment -> orang.orang)
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bordersounds at ö1 kunstradio
No Border! No Nation! at the filmfestival Diagonale 2002

Gothenburg N.B.

constant's New Babylon reflected in the control regime of today's control and repression. urban space transformed into yellow sectors and red zones, forming passages between cities like seattle, praha, genova, ... gothenburg: layers of riots, media imagery, justice scandals.


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a collaboration with artists from the copenhagen academy in perspective to the coming Danish EU-presidency in the second half of 2002. a first work about the current political situation, the question of violence and force, and the repression after gothenburg, genova and 911 was shown in the Stockholm art space Konstakuten in march 2002.


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John Moss

what is audio space?
what is electromagnetic space?
what is social space?

one of our oldest friends, John Moss provides monthly gatherings for live improvised sound since 1997. on a monthly basis we let ourselves and guests be invited to share love and spread frequencies.
every first monday/tuesday night in the month, starting at midnight and ending at bedtime.
radio orange 94,0 in vienna or via mp3-stream.