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descriptions of some of our projects
text assemblage and rmx
a library is a place to be

wr produces non-original texts. use google for research on radical intertextuality.

Reclaim the Landschaft (Josef Küselak, Frieda Kersting)

research on nu landscape painting aka graffiti in nature.
published in Derive, Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung, Nr 2.

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Eine pannonische Grenzlandgeschichte

written during the work on limes - bioborder, park, spektakel, 2000/2001.
"... einige Notizen zur lokalen Ausformulierung globaler Imperative.."

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Kontrolle und Disziplin: shake hands in salzburg

kurze Analyse der Proteste gegen den WTO-Gipfel in Salzburg, Juli 2001

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artist subject to be destroyed

a presentation of wr, given at the academy of fine arts, kopenhagen and the university of applied arts in vienna, february 2002.

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copkop 2002

short statement on the recent developements of political art in copenhagen, on the occasion of the copkop 2002 exhibition, march 2002.

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