is a series of open end artistic investigations into the performative aspects of micro-worlds and the forms of agency that are developed – or arrested – through the creation and interpretation of micro-cosmographies.

The tentative term micro-worlds refers to both specific settings / situations in time and space and more abstract concepts: examples would include concrete models and miniatures, constructions of alternative histories / time travelling, forms of simulation both 'real' and virtual, as well as theoretical models as cosmographies and general narrative mechanisms in fiction (literature, theatre, film, games, ...)
The initial step of investigation is taking up J.L. Austin's basic linguistic differentiation of constative (descriptive) and performative utterances – this basic setup of "How to Do Things With Words" being highly influential for linguistics and recent theoretical approaches. Therefore, to revisit above's illustrative example, the project's focus is not on the descriptive language of a model, but on the forms of acting through its building and interpretation.


, 1:     models and miniatures; Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck 2-4/06

, 2:     screenings at Freie Uni Mahagoni, ongoing

, 6-8:  Biosphere Atelier Méliès / Science Fiction Convention Workship
          im Rahmen von:
No Space Is Innocent, Forum Stadtpark / Steirischer Herbst, Graz 9-10/06

, 9:     Das Problem der Handlungsreisenden, dietheater Konzerthaus, Wien, 12/06

, 17:   Settings 2007-2009, Galerie 5020, Salzburg, 6-7/06

, 25/50: (Preconstruction of “Trace of a Time Machine” by the Yugoslavian art group Multipleks),
           Toposcapes,  Pavelhaus, Laafeld
, 7/07

And if you wanna know how we do wikis with worlds uhm worlds with wikis... – whatever-wikiwiki-processiki